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Prof Pranab Goswami

Professor (HAG) Biosensors and Biofuel cells: Nanobiosensors using... View Profile

Prof Arun Goyal

Professor Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry... View Profile

Prof Kannan Pakshirajan

Professor Environmental Biotechnology, Biological Treatment ... View Profile

Prof Rajaram Swaminathan

Professor Protein Charge Transfer, Protein Structure and Dyn... View Profile

Prof Ranjan Tamuli

Professor Calcium signaling, Genetics, DNA repair... View Profile

Prof Utpal Bora

Professor Biomedical Engineering, Biodiversity and Bio-entre... View Profile

Prof Lingaraj Sahoo

Professor Genetic engineering and functional genomics ... View Profile

Prof Venkata Dasu Veeranki

Professor Bioprocess Development, Metabolic Engineering... View Profile

Prof Vibin Ramakrishnan

Professor Bio-nanotechnology, Peptide antibiotics, Computati... View Profile

Prof A. B Kunnumakkara

Professor Role of inflammatory pathways in cancer developmen... View Profile

Prof Latha Rangan

Professor Applied Biodiversity... View Profile

Prof Vishal Trivedi

Professor Intracellular Signaling in Plasmodium falciparum... View Profile

Prof Sanjukta Patra

Professor Enzyme applications, Biotransformation, Biosensors... View Profile

Prof Gurvinder Kaur Saini

Professor Fungal Biotechnology, Biological Control, DNA fing... View Profile

Prof Siddhartha S. Ghosh

Professor Cancer Therapeutics, Nanotheranostics, Exploring N... View Profile

Prof Aiyagari Ramesh

Professor Nanobiotechnology, Chemistry-Biology Interface for... View Profile

Dr B Anand

Professor Structural Biology, Bioinformatics and Computation... View Profile

Prof Biman B Mandal

Professor Cell based tissue engineering, Biomaterials,Stem c... View Profile

Dr Manish Kumar

Professor Molecular interaction of host-pathogen-vector of i... View Profile

Prof Rakhi Chaturvedi

Head of the Department Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture... View Profile

Dr Biplab Bose

Associate Professor Systems Biology, Dynamical Systems, Complex System... View Profile

Dr Shankar Prasad Kanaujia

Associate Professor Structural Biology and Bioinformatics Studies... View Profile

Dr Priyadarshi Satpati

Associate Professor Molecular dynamics (MD) simulation, Electronic Str... View Profile

Dr Nitin Chaudhary

Associate Professor Peptide self-assembly and amyloid aggregates, Pept... View Profile

Dr Soumen Kumar Maiti

Associate Professor Biochemical Engineering, Biofuel, Bioprocess model... View Profile

Dr Anil Mukund Limaye

Associate Professor Hormonal regulation of gene expression... View Profile

Dr Sachin Kumar

Associate Professor Molecular biology of paramyxoviruses... View Profile

Dr Selvaraju Narayanasamy

Associate Professor Biochemical and Environmental Engineering, Environ... View Profile

Dr Lalit Mohan Pandey

Associate Professor Surface and interfacial science particularly in Bi... View Profile

Dr S Senthilkumar

Associate Professor Biocalorimetry, BioPAT, Real-time monitoring and c... View Profile

Prof Debasish Das

Associate Dean Metabolic engineering, Biochemical engineering,Mod... View Profile

Dr Bithiah Grace Jaganathan

Associate Dean Stem Cell Biology, Cancer signaling... View Profile

Dr Shirisha Nagotu

Assistant Professor Organelle biology and Inter-organelle communicatio... View Profile

Dr Rajkumar P. Thummer

Assistant Professor Stem Cell Engineering and Regenerative Medicine... View Profile

Dr Souptick Chanda

Assistant Professor Biomechanics, implant design and optimization, sur... View Profile

Dr Kusum K Singh

Assistant Professor Post-transcriptional gene regulation by RNA bindin... View Profile

Dr Cota Navin Gupta

Assistant Professor Imaging Genetics, Biomedical Signal/Image Processi... View Profile