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Prof A.K. Dass

Professor (HAG) Computational Fluid Dynamics... View Profile

Prof S.K. Dwivedy

Professor (HAG) Design... View Profile

Prof Debabrata Chakraborty

Professor (HAG) Design and Analysis of FRP Composite Structures... View Profile

Prof Rajiv Tiwari

Professor (HAG) Rotor dynamics. Aerospace bearing design and analy... View Profile

Prof Sashindra Kumar Kakoty

Professor Hydrodynamic Bearings, Duct Acoustics, Mechanical ... View Profile

Prof P.S. Robi

Professor Materials Processing, Advanced Materials, Hot defo... View Profile

Prof Uday S. Dixit

Professor Fuzzy Logic,Neural Networks, FEM, Plasticity, Desi... View Profile

Prof Ujjwal K Saha

Professor Propulsion, Turbomachinery, Applied Aerodynamics, ... View Profile

Prof Manmohan Pandey

Professor Two-phase Flow Instabilities, Miniature Thermal Sy... View Profile

Prof Pinakeswar Mahanta

Professor Thermal Radiation with Participating Media... View Profile

Prof P Muthukumar

Professor Coupled heat and mass transfer analysis; Metal hyd... View Profile

Prof Ganesh R. Narayanan

Professor Material Forming and Joining... View Profile

Prof S Senthilvelan

professor Composites, Fatigue, Wear and Failure Analysis... View Profile

Prof Shyamanta M Hazarika

Professor Robotics, Cognitive Systems, Knowledge Representat... View Profile

Prof K. S. R. Krishna Murthy

Professor Finite Element Methods, Computational and Experime... View Profile

Prof Niranjan Sahoo

Professor Fluid and Thermal Engineering, Aerodynamics, Gas D... View Profile

Prof Vinayak Kulkarni

Professor High Enthalpy Flows, Scramjet engine, Experimental... View Profile

Prof Kalita Karuna

Professor Rotordynamics, Coupled Dynamics of Electro-Mechani... View Profile

Prof S. Kanagaraj

Professor Biomaterials Carbon nanotubes based nanocomposite... View Profile

Prof Pankaj Biswas

Professor Manufacturing and Design: Computational weld mecha... View Profile

Prof Amaresh Dalal

Professor Computational Fluid Dynamics, Heat Transfer, Struc... View Profile

Dr Shrikrishna Nandkishor Joshi

Professor Dr. Joshi is a Professor of Mechanical Engineering... View Profile

Prof Sukhomay Pal

Professor Welding Process Monitoring and Control, Tool Condi... View Profile

Prof Anil D. Sahasrabudhe

Professor Vibration and Noise, Condition Monitoring, CAD/CAM... View Profile

Dr Dipankar Narayan Basu

Associate Professor Nuclear Thermalhydraulics, Supercritical Natural C... View Profile

Dr Deepak Sharma

Associate Professor Optimization and Soft Computing Techniques for Des... View Profile

Dr Swarup Bag

Associate Professor Fusion welding processes, Finite element method, L... View Profile

Dr Satyajit Panda

Associate Professor Composite materials, Nonlinear vibrations, Smart m... View Profile

Dr Sachin Singh Gautam

Associate Professor Nonlinear Finite Element Method, Isogeometric Anal... View Profile

Dr Poonam Kumari

Associate Professor Theory of plates and shells, Computational mechani... View Profile

Dr Arnab Kumar De

Associate Professor Numerical Methods in Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer,... View Profile

Dr Dibakar Bandopadhya

Associate Professor Active materials, Artificial muscle materials, Sma... View Profile

Dr Atanu Banerjee

Associate Professor Complaint Mechanism, Shape memory alloy, Bio-memet... View Profile

Dr Manas Das

Associate Professor Advanced Finishing and Nano-finishing Processes, N... View Profile

Dr Prasenjit Khanikar

Assistant Professor Microstructural Materials Modeling, Micro-mechanic... View Profile

Dr Biranchi Panda

Assistant Professor Advanced manufacturing and design, 3D/4D printing,... View Profile

Dr Arup Nandy

Assistant Professor Finite Element Development and Analysis in Structu... View Profile

Dr Madhusudhana Gavara

Assistant Professor Computational Fluid Dynamics, Heat Transfer, Cooli... View Profile

Dr Pranab Kumar Mondal

Assistant Professor Microfluidics, Electrokinetics, Two Phase Transpor... View Profile

Dr Nelson Muthu

Assistant Professor Meshfree Methods, FEM, Fracture Mechanics, Composi... View Profile

Dr Sajan Kapil

Assistant Professor Rapid Manufacturing (3D Printing), Welding/Claddin... View Profile

Dr Tapan Krishnakumar Mankodi

Assistant Professor Rarefied Gas Dynamics, Computational Gas Dynamics,... View Profile

Dr Sandeep Reddy Basireddy

Assistant Professor Nonlinear Dynamics of Mechanical Systems, Robotics... View Profile

Dr Bhaskar Kumar

Assistant Professor Hydrodynamic Stability, Bluff Body Flows, Computat... View Profile

Dr Atul K Soti

Assistant Professor Computational Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer, Co... View Profile

Dr R K Mittal

Assistant Professor Dynamics of Machining Process; Experimental Charac... View Profile

Dr Satish Kumar Panda

Assistant Professor Research Interests: Ophthalmology Medical Image Pr... View Profile