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Prof Natesan Srinivasan

Head of the Department Numerical Solution of Singular Perturbation Proble... View Profile

Dr Ashok Singh Sairam

Professor Networks, Network Security, Social Network Analysi... View Profile

Dr Bhupen Deka

Professor Numerical Analysis, Finite Element Method, Interfa... View Profile

Prof Anupam Saikia

Professor Number Theory... View Profile

Prof K. V. Krishna

Professor General Algebra, Theoretical Computer Science... View Profile

Prof N. Selvaraju

Professor Applied Probability, Stochastic Modelling, Queuein... View Profile

Prof Kalpesh Kapoor

Professor Word Combinatorics... View Profile

Prof Shreemayee Bora

Professor Numerical Linear Algebra... View Profile

Prof Partha Sarathi Mandal

Professor Distributed Algorithms for Swarm Robots, Algorithm... View Profile

Prof Sukanta Pati

Professor Graphs, Matrices and Combinatorics... View Profile

Prof R. Alam

Professor Numerical Linear Algebra... View Profile

Prof Guru Prem Prasad M

Professor Complex Dynamics, Fractals and its applications, C... View Profile

Prof Swaroop Nandan Bora

Professor Mathematics... View Profile

Prof B.K. Sarma

Professor Fuzzy Algebra... View Profile

Prof Siddhartha Pratim Chakrabarty

Professor Mathematical Finance, Computational Finance, Portf... View Profile

Prof Jiten Chandra Kalita

Professor Computational and Topological Fluid Dynamics, Nume... View Profile

Prof Rajen Kumar Sinha

Professor Numerical Analysis... View Profile

Dr Jitendriya Swain

Associate Professor Harmonic Analysis... View Profile

Dr Gautam K. Das

Associate Professor Computational Geometry, Approximation Algorithms... View Profile

Dr Rajesh Srivastava

Associate Professor Harmonic Analysis... View Profile

Dr Arabin Kumar Dey

Associate Professor Distributions models and its applications, Surviva... View Profile

Dr Bikash Bhattacharjya

Associate Professor Graph Theory... View Profile

Dr Vinay Wagh

Associate Professor Algebraic Geometry... View Profile

Dr Anjan K. Chakrabarty

Assistant Professor Functional Analysis... View Profile

Dr Sriparna Bandopadhyay

Assistant Professor Linear Algebra, Matrices... View Profile

Dr H Ramesh

Assistant Professor Formal Languages and Automata Theory, Distributed... View Profile

Dr Palash Ghosh

Assistant Professor Statistics, Q-learning (Reinforcement Learning) an... View Profile

Dr Satyajit Pramanik

Assistant Professor Mathematical Modelling, Scientific Computing, Flow... View Profile

Dr Sagarmoy Dutta

Assistant Professor Quantam Computing, Complexity Theory... View Profile

Dr Shyamashree Upadhyay

Assistant Professor Algebraic Combinatorics... View Profile

Dr Sree Krishna Palaparthi

Assistant Professor Low dimensional Topology, Knot Theory, Hyperbolic ... View Profile

Dr K V Srikanth

Assistant Professor Low Dimensional Topology... View Profile

Dr Arup Chattopadhyay

Assistant Professor Functional Analysis and Operator Theory... View Profile

Dr Pratyoosh Kumar

Assistant Professor Harmonic Analysis... View Profile

Dr Subhamay Saha

Assistant Professor Probability and Stochastic Process... View Profile

Dr Sweta Tiwari

Assistant Professor Partial Differential Equations, Nonlinear Analysis... View Profile

Dr Chandan Pal

Assistant Professor Stochastic Control Theory and Mathematical Finance... View Profile

Dr Ayon Ganguly

Assistant Professor Life Time Data Analysis... View Profile

Prof Durga Charan Dalal

Professor (HAG) Computational Fluid Dynamics... View Profile

Dr Rupam Barman

Associate Dean Number Theory... View Profile