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Prof Liza Das

Professor Feminist Writers,Cultural Studies... View Profile

Prof Rohini Mokashi Punekar

Professor Culture and Translation Studies... View Profile

Prof Shakuntala Mahanta

Professor Theoretical Phonology, Acoustic Phonetics and perc... View Profile

Prof Sambit Mallick

Professor Sociology of Science and Technology; Historical So... View Profile

Prof Anamika Barua

Professor Climate Change and Water security, Ecological Foot... View Profile

Prof Arupjyoti Saikia

Professor Environmental, Economic and Political History of M... View Profile

Prof Nachiketa Tripathi

Professor Organizational Behaviour, HRM and Social Psycholog... View Profile

Prof Mrinal Kanti Dutta

Professor Agricultural Economics, Environmental Economics, R... View Profile

Prof Prabhu Venkataraman

Professor Philosophy... View Profile

Prof Sukanya Sharma

Professor Archaeology... View Profile

Prof Priyankoo Sarmah

Head of the Department Phonetics and phonology of vowels and tones, Tibet... View Profile

Dr Naveen Kashyap

Associate Professor Memory, and Attention... View Profile

Dr Dilwar Hussain

Associate Professor Psychology of Trauma, Psychology of Well-being... View Profile

Dr Sawmya Ray

Associate Professor Gender Violence and Law, Sex Trafficking and Sex W... View Profile

Dr Ngamjahao Kipgen

Associate Professor Environmental sociology, political sociology, soci... View Profile

Dr Bidisha Som

Associate Professor language processing, culture and cognition, social... View Profile

Dr Bodhisattva Sengupta

Associate Professor Public Economics and Policy, Dynamic Economic Theo... View Profile

Dr Pahi Saikia

Associate Professor International Relations; Foreign Policy between In... View Profile

Dr Rajshree Bedamatta

Associate Professor Food security, Nutrition, and Public Health... View Profile

Dr Amarjyoti Mahanta

Assistant Professor Game Theory, Auction Theory, Industrial Organizati... View Profile

Dr Vipul Dutta

Assistant Professor South Asian Diplomatic and Military History ; Indi... View Profile

Dr Vasundhara Jairath

Assistant Professor Social Movements, Development and Displacement, In... View Profile

Dr Daksha Parmar

Assistant Professor Public Health and Development, Health Systems in I... View Profile

Dr Agnirup Sarkar

Assistant Professor Macroeconomics, Monetary Economics, Finance... View Profile

Dr Debapriya Basu

Assistant Professor English and European Renaissance literature, early... View Profile

Dr John Thomas

Assistant Professor Religion and Formation of Cultural and Political I... View Profile

Dr Kiran Keshavamurthy

Assistant Professor Modern Indian Literatures, Gender and Sexuality... View Profile

Dr Mithilesh Kumar Jha

Assistant Professor Political thought, theory, and Indian politics... View Profile

Dr Abhishek Kashyap

Assistant Professor Research Interests: Philosophy of Science, Philoso... View Profile