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Prof Samarendra Dandapat

Professor (HAG) Signal Processing, Machine Learning, Cardiovascula... View Profile

Prof Somanath Majhi

Professor (HAG) Relay Control Systems, Control Structures, Identif... View Profile

Prof Chitralekha Mahanta

Professor Stochastic Systems... View Profile

Prof Harshal B. Nemade

Professor Instrumentation, Systems design and integration, E... View Profile

Prof Rohit Sinha

Professor Speech Signal Processing, Analysis and Classificat... View Profile

Prof Rakhesh Singh Kshetrimayum

Professor Printed antenna and DRA design for 5G and beyond a... View Profile

Prof Praveen Kumar

Professor 1. Design of high power and torque density motors ... View Profile

Prof Ratnajit Bhattacharjee

Professor Microwave Engineering, Microstrip Antennas, Electr... View Profile

Prof Shaik Rafi Ahamed

Professor Adaptive Signal Processing, VLSI Signal Processing... View Profile

Prof M. K. Bhuyan

Professor Image and Video Processing, Computer Vision, Machi... View Profile

Prof Prabir Barooah

Professor Key Research Areas : Distributed control, optimiza... View Profile

Prof Roy Paily Palathinkal

Head of the Department VLSI and MEMS... View Profile

Dr Sanjib Ganguly

Associate Professor Power distribution system planning and optimizatio... View Profile

Dr Tony Jacob

Associate Professor Statistical Signal Processing and Information Theo... View Profile

Dr Kannan Karthik

Associate Professor Privacy preserving authentication and multimedia s... View Profile

Dr Gaurav Trivedi

Associate Professor Circuit Simulation (Analog and Digital) and VLSI C... View Profile

Dr Prithwijit Guha

Associate Professor Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Video Surveilla... View Profile

Dr Sonali Chouhan

Associate Professor Wireless Sensor Networks, Coding Theory, Wireless ... View Profile

Dr Sisir Kumar Nayak

Associate Professor Electromagnetics, PV solar integration with the gr... View Profile

Dr Kalpana Dhaka

Associate Professor Channel modeling and resource allocation for wirel... View Profile

Dr Indrani Kar

Associate Professor Nonlinear Systems and Control, Adaptive Control, S... View Profile

Dr Suresh Sundaram

Associate Professor Pattern recognition, Image/ Video Processing and C... View Profile

Dr A. Rajesh

Associate Professor Coding and Modulation Techniques... View Profile

Dr Praveen Tripathy

Associate Professor Power system dynamics and stability studies,Wide A... View Profile

Dr Ramesh Kumar Sonkar

Assistant Professor Silicon Photonics, Integrated Photonics, Fiber las... View Profile

Dr Arun Tej Mallajosyula

Assistant Professor Photovoltaics, Organic Electronics, Flexible Elect... View Profile

Dr Debabrata Sikdar

Assistant Professor Plasmonics and metamaterials, Light–matter inter... View Profile

Dr Shabari Nath

Assistant Professor Power Electronics, Application of Power Electronic... View Profile

Dr A. Ravindranath

Assistant Professor Power Electronics, Distributed Generation, and Pow... View Profile

Dr Hanumant Singh Shekhawat

Assistant Professor System Theory, Applied Mathematics and Signal Proc... View Profile

Dr Srinivasan Krishnaswamy

Assistant Professor Control Systems, Cryptography... View Profile

Dr Smarajit Das

Assistant Professor Information theory, Error correcting codes... View Profile

Dr Mahima Arrawatia

Assistant Professor Energy Harvesting, RF Circuit Design, Microstrip A... View Profile

Dr Chandan Kumar

Assistant Professor Microgrid, Power quality, Smart Transformer, ... View Profile

Dr Chayan Bhawal

Assistant Professor Optimal control, Singular descriptor systems/Diffe... View Profile

Dr Ribhu Chopra

Assistant Professor 5G and 6G Communication Systems, Signal Processin... View Profile

Dr Rishikesh Dilip Kulkarni

Assistant Professor Optical Metrology, Digital Optical Signal Processi... View Profile

Dr Salil Kashyap

Assistant Professor Broadly in wireless communications and signal proc... View Profile

Dr Sudarshan Mukherjee

Assistant Professor Large scale antenna systems, Signal processing for... View Profile

Dr Ravindra Kumar Jha

Assistant Professor Research Areas: Solid State Devices, Flexible and ... View Profile

Dr Arun B Aloshious

Assistant Professor Research Areas: Quantum computation, Quantum error... View Profile

Dr Sreenath J G

Assistant Professor Research Areas: Power system state estimation, Cyb... View Profile

Dr Parijat Bhowmick

Assistant Professor Research Areas: Robust control, Negative-imaginary... View Profile

Dr Manish Bhatt

Assistant Professor Research Areas: Biomedical Imaging and Signal Proc... View Profile

Kuntal Deka

Assistant Professor Research Areas: Communication, Error Correcting Co... View Profile

Dr Ashwini Sawant

Assistant Professor Research Areas: Gyrotrons, Vacuum Electronic Devic... View Profile

Dr Anirban Dasgupta

Assistant Professor Research Areas: Machine Learning, Image Processing... View Profile

Dr Manoj B R

Assistant Professor Research Areas: Wireless communications and networ... View Profile

Dr Tanmay Dutta

Assistant Professor Research Areas: Non-volatile memory, Spintronics, ... View Profile

Dr Ankush Bag

Assistant Professor Research Areas: Wide Bandgap Semiconductors, Power... View Profile