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Prof A.K. Das

Professor Modular Partitioning System for Work Place, Rapid ... View Profile

Prof Pratul Chandra Kalita

Professor Design Management, Design Methods, Product Service... View Profile

Prof Utpal Barua

Professor Basic Design, Graphic Design, Design Drawing and V... View Profile

Prof Sougata Karmakar

Head of the Department Virtual Simulation (CAD and Digital Human Modeling... View Profile

Dr Keyur Sorathia

Associate Professor Human Computer Interaction (HCI), Virtual Realit, ... View Profile

Dr Manoj Majhi

Associate Professor Animation, Special Effects, Cartooning, Research I... View Profile

Dr Debayan Dhar

Associate Professor Human Computer Interaction (HCI) Design, Instructi... View Profile

Dr Udaya Kumar

Associate Professor Visual Communication, Graphic Design, Typography, ... View Profile

Dr Santosh Nagnath Jagtap

Associate Professor Design Engineering... View Profile

Dr Abhishek Shrivastava

Assistant Professor Human Computer Interaction, Interaction Design, Sp... View Profile

Dr Urmi Ravinra Salve

Assistant Professor Human Factor Engineering, Occupational Ergonomics,... View Profile

Dr Supradip Das

Assistant Professor Origami inspired product Development, Toy for tomo... View Profile

Dr Abhishek Singh

Assistant Professor Automotive Styling, Product Design, Design Researc... View Profile

Dr Pankaj Upadhyay

Assistant Professor Product Design, Industrial Design, Design for Manu... View Profile

Dr Sharmistha Banerjee

Assistant Professor Industrial Design, Design for Sustainability, Bio-... View Profile

Dr Sheetal M. Gokhale

Assistant Professor Film and Video,Story telling and Visual Scripting,... View Profile

Dr Mriganka Madhukailya

Assistant Professor New Media Studies, Communication Design, Design Fi... View Profile

Dr Shareka Iqbal

Assistant Professor Architecture Design, CAD, Lighting Design, Paramet... View Profile

Dr Shakuntala Acharya

Assistant Professor Design Thinking & methodology; Design Conceptualis... View Profile

Dr Ajeet Kumar

Assistant Professor Interest area: Additive manufacturing (AM), Archit... View Profile