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Prof Sukumar Nandi

Professor (HAG) Computer Networks, Computer and Network Security, ... View Profile

Prof Shivashankar B. Nair

Professor Bio-inspired Networked Robotics, Intelligent and M... View Profile

Prof Jatindra Kumar Deka

Professor Model Checking, Computer Architecture, Embedded Sy... View Profile

Prof Pradip Kumar das

Professor Computer Science and Engineering... View Profile

Prof S. V. Rao

Professor ComputerScience and Engineering... View Profile

Prof Hemangee K. Kapoor

Professor Multiprocessor Computer Architecture, Formal Metho... View Profile

Prof Purandar Bhaduri

Professor Formal Verification and Analysis of Embedded and C... View Profile

Prof Diganta Goswami

Professor Distributed Systems, Software Engineering... View Profile

Prof Venkatesh Tamarapalli

Professor Computer Networks... View Profile

Dr Arijit Sur

Associate Professor Computer Vision, Image and Video Processing, Media... View Profile

Dr Sanasam Ranbir Singh

Associate Professor Open Source Intelligence (Social Media/Social Netw... View Profile

Dr Amit Awekar

Associate Professor Data Mining, Machine Learning... View Profile

Dr Sushanta Karmakar

Associate Professor Distributed algorithms, fault-tolerance, distribut... View Profile

Dr V. Vijaya Saradhi

Associate Professor Machine Learning, Kernel Methods, Data Mining and ... View Profile

Dr R. Inkulu

Associate Professor Algorithms... View Profile

Dr Ashish Anand

Associate Professor NLP, Clinical Text Mining, Machine Learning and it... View Profile

Dr Samit Bhattacharya

Associate Professor Human Computer Interaction, User Modeling, Model B... View Profile

Dr Aryabartta Sahu

Associate Professor Multicore (Architecture, Scheduling and Programmin... View Profile

Dr Pinaki Mitra

Associate Professor Computational Geometry, Parallel Algorithms, Rando... View Profile

Prof G. Sajith

Associate Dean Complexity and ARchitecture... View Profile

Dr Deepanjan Kesh

Assistant Professor Computational Commutative Algebra, Data Streaming... View Profile

Dr Chandan Karfa

Assistant Professor Formal Verification, Electronic Design Automation,... View Profile

Dr Rashmi Dutta Baruah

Assistant Professor Evolving Intelligent Systems, Computational Intell... View Profile

Dr John Jose

Assistant Professor Computer Architecture, On-Chip interconnects and c... View Profile

Dr Manas Khatua

Assistant Professor Wireless Networks, Sensor Networks, Internet of Th... View Profile

Dr Moumita Patra

Assistant Professor Ad hoc wireless networks, Internet of vehicles, Io... View Profile

Dr Benny George K

Assistant Professor Word combinatorics, algorithms and combinatorics... View Profile

Dr Sukanta Bhattacharjee

Assistant Professor Design Automation Algorithms, Microfluidics, Secur... View Profile