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Prof Jubaraj Bikash Baruah

Professor Supramolecular chemistry, Advance materials, Struc... View Profile

Prof Abu Taleb Khan

Professor Heterocycles and Carbohydrate Chemistry... View Profile

Prof Bhisma Kumar Patel

Professor Bio-Organic Chemistry... View Profile

Prof Anumita Paul

Professor Catalysis,Thin Films... View Profile

Prof Manabendra Ray

Professor Coordination Chemistry, Chiral Recognition, Metal ... View Profile

Prof V. Manivannan

Professor Coordination Chemistry... View Profile

Prof Anil Kumar Saikia

Professor New Synthetic Methodology and Natural Product Synt... View Profile

Prof Ashish Kumar Gupta

Professor Quantum Molecular Dynamics... View Profile

Prof Parameswar Krishnan Iyer

Professor Organic and Polymer synthesis, Bio and Chemosensor... View Profile

Prof G. Krishnamoorthy

Professor Organic Photochemistry and Spectroscopy... View Profile

Prof Biplab Mondal

Professor Bioinorganic Chemistry... View Profile

Prof Aditya Narayan Panda

Professor Dynamics of bimolecular scattering processes... View Profile

Prof Bhubaneswar Mandal

Professor Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Reagent Development, ... View Profile

Prof Mohd. Qureshi

Professor Materials Chemistry... View Profile

Prof Subhendu Sekhar Bag

Professor Bio-Organic/Medicinal Chemistry of Nucleic Acids, ... View Profile

Prof Chivukula V Sastri

Professor Biomimetic Chemistry and Chemical Biology... View Profile

Prof Arun Chattopadhyay

Professor Nanoscience and Technology... View Profile

Prof Debasis Manna

Professor Ion transport, Liposomal drug delivery, Drug disco... View Profile

Prof Chandan Mukherjee

Professor Development on MRI Contrast Agents/Electrochemical... View Profile

Prof Chandan K. Jana

Professor Synthetic Organic Chemistry: Synthetic Methodology... View Profile

Prof A.S. Achalkumar

Professor Liquid crystals, Functional Materials, Molecular E... View Profile

Prof Debapratim Das

Professor Supramolecular dynamic aggregates, peptides, lipid... View Profile

Prof Subhas Chandra Pan

Professor Synthetic organic chemistry: Natural product synth... View Profile

Prof Sandip Paul

Professor Physical Chemistry, Computational Biophysics and C... View Profile

Prof Gopal Das

Head Supramolecular, Inorganic Material, Bioorganic che... View Profile

Prof Tharmalingam Punniyamurthy

Dean Synthetic Organic Chemistry... View Profile

Dr Manabendra Sarma

Associate Professor Development of new theoretical approaches to: Lase... View Profile

Dr Lal Mohan Kundu

Associate Professor Synthetic methods, modified nucleobases and nuclei... View Profile

Dr Sumana Dutta

Associate Professor Experimental and Theoretical Physical Chemistry / ... View Profile

Dr Kalyanasis Sahu

Associate Professor Time Resolved Absorption and Fluorescence Spectros... View Profile

Dr Kingsuk Mahata

Associate Professor Applied (in)organic chemistry... View Profile

Dr Shyam Prosad Biswas

Associate Professor Gas/Vapor/Liquid Adsorption, Fluorescence Sensing ... View Profile

Dr Dipankar Srimani

Associate Professor Organic, Organometallic Chemistry and Catalysis... View Profile

Dr Kalyan Raidongia

Associate Professor Materials science, Nanofluidics and Nanomaterials... View Profile

Dr Uttam Manna

Associate Professor Bio-inspired Polymer Materials, Drug Delivery, Ope... View Profile

Dr Sunanda Chatterjee

Assistant Professor Peptidomimetics: Synthesis, Conformation and Biolo... View Profile

Dr Animesh Das

Assistant Professor Organometallic chemistry and catalysis... View Profile

Dr Krishna Pada Bhabak

Assistant Professor Organic and Bio-organic Chemistry / Fluorogenic Dr... View Profile

Dr Akshai Kumar A. S

Assistant Professor Organometallic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Org... View Profile

Dr Pavan K. Kancharla

Assistant Professor Organic Chemistry, Carbohydrate Chemistry, Develop... View Profile