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Prof Vijayanand S. Moholkar

Professor Bubble dynamics and acoustics, CFD, Sono-process e... View Profile

Prof Tamal Banerjee

Professor Ionic Liquids, Deep Eutectic Solvents,Hydrogels,CO... View Profile

Prof Vaibhav V. Goud

Professor Heterogeneous Reactions, Bio-energy and Green Engi... View Profile

Prof Animes Kr. Golder

Professor Photocatalytic water treatment and water-splitting... View Profile

Prof Ashok Kumar Dasmahapatra

Professor Complex fluids, Phase transition in polymers (Nucl... View Profile

Prof Prabirkumar Saha

Professor Process Modelling, Optimization and control, Membr... View Profile

Prof Chandan Das

Professor Membrane Separation Technology, Food Science and T... View Profile

Prof Mahuya De

Professor Catalysis and reaction engineering, adsorption, hy... View Profile

Prof G. Pugazhenthi

Professor Membrane Separation, Polymer Nanocomposites, Nanom... View Profile

Prof Subrata K Majumder

Professor Petroleum Science and Technology, Multiphase flow ... View Profile

Prof Vimal Katiyar

Professor Synthetic and Natural Polymers, Polymer Processing... View Profile

Prof Tapas K Mandal

Professor Micro-nano technology ant it application in Energy... View Profile

Prof Ramgopal V. S. Uppaluri

Professor Major:Electroless Plating, Evolutionary Engineerin... View Profile

Prof Anugrah Singh

Professor Computational and Experimental Fluid Dynamics, Rhe... View Profile

Prof Bishnupada Mandal

Professor CO2 Capture by Absorption, Adsorption and Membrane... View Profile

Prof Pallab Ghosh

Professor Colloid and Interface Science, Reaction Engineerin... View Profile

Prof Dipankar Bandyopadhyay

Professor Micro/nano Mechanics of self-organizing thin films... View Profile

Prof Nanda Kishore

Professor Biofuels, Computational Fluid Flow and Heat/Mass T... View Profile

Prof Mihir Kumar Purkait

Professor Membrane technology; Effluent treatment and waste ... View Profile

Prof Kaustubha Mohanty

Head of the Department Biofuels, Biomass pyrolysis, Biological wastewater... View Profile

Dr Raghvendra Gupta

Associate Professor Multiphase flow, Microfluidics and micro process e... View Profile

Dr Pankaj Tiwari

Associate Professor Conventional and unconventional energies, Reservoi... View Profile

Dr Prakash Kotecha

Associate Professor Optimization, Process Control, Artificial Intellig... View Profile

Dr Nageswara Rao Peela

Associate Professor Heterogeneous Catalysis and reaction engineering, ... View Profile

Dr Prasanna Venkatesh Rajaraman

Associate Professor Electrochemistry, Chemical Mechanical Polishing (C... View Profile

Dr R. Anandalakshmi

Associate Professor Computational Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow, Proces... View Profile

Dr Prabu Vairakannu

Associate Professor Clean energy production, Pyrolysis, Combustion, Ga... View Profile

Dr Senthilmurugan S

Associate Professor Modeling and Optimization of Novel Processes, Proc... View Profile

Dr Amit Kumar

Associate Professor Gas Transport in Nanoporous Materials, Molecular s... View Profile

Dr Partho Sarathi Gooh Pattader

Assistant Professor Stochastic dynamics, Colloid and Interface science... View Profile

Dr Omkar S. Deshmukh

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Abhijit Kakati

Assistant Professor Key Research Areas :Rock-fluid interaction; Chemic... View Profile

Dr Sumit Kumar

Assistant Professor Key Research Areas :Flow through porous media, Mod... View Profile